have a good day


のある言葉」 その2つの意味から名付けられた日々着ることのできる=しっかりと

したものづくりを掲げユニセックス、レディースを展開 Basic&Relaxをテーマに

日本国内での生産にこだわり 「have a good day」の世界観を発信し続ける。


"I want it to be a part of my daily life (I want you to wear it every day)"and

"Familiar words and familiar words" It is named after these two meanings of

Wearing it every day = solid manufacturing

Unisex and women's products are developed with the theme Basic & Relax,

and we are particular about production in Japan  We will continue to     

disseminate the world view of "have a good day".